St Theresa’s Church – Bandra

About St Theresa’s Church –The History of the Church dates back to the Mid 40’s. December 19, 1948 is a significant date to remember, for it was on that day that the people decided to set up a compact parish. It was the “de facto” birth of the parish.

No historical survey would be complete without reference to the “monumental and revolutionary departure” from the Gothic and baroque church architecture in India which, makes St’ Theresa’s Church unique in its individuality and incorporates the most modern concept in building design. Emphasis had been placed to make the people feel the presence of God by focusing attention on the main tenets of the Catholic Church.

St Theresa Bandra


St Theresa’s Church Bandra


Mumbai 400 050)

Feast Day –

Getting There

Mass timings

Weekdays –
6:15 am (English)

7:00 am (English)

8:00 am (English)

7:00 pm (English)

Saturdays –
6:15 am (English)

7:00 am (English)

8:00 am (English)

7:00 pm (English – Sunday Liturgy)

Sundays –
7:00 am (English)

8:30 am (English)

10:00 am (English)

11:00 am (Malayalam)

4:30 pm (Hindi)

6:00 pm (English)

St Therese of Lisieux

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** We plan to keep this site interactive and updated. Whilst we do post the regular mass timings. Please do drop us a line with Scans (If available) of masses during feasts and special occasions

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