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About St Blaise Church – In 1554, Tristao Dias Ribeiro was given the villages of Versova and Amboli for services rendered to the crown of Portugal. It is presumed that Ribeiro invited the Franciscans to Amboli and had the church of St Blaise built around 1560. In all probability this church (or chapel more likely) was affiliated to Mount Poinsur. The rectorate (parish) of St Blaise was founded probably between the years 1585-89. According to the evidence of Fr Paulo da Trinidade, the parish of St Blaise in 1630 comprised the villages of Irlem (Irla), Parlem (Parle), Vessana (Versova), Megrem (Mogra), Andherem (Andheri) and Juvem (Juhu). The number of Catholics was then 1637 adults and 400 children.

The recent census taken in 2012 indicates that the Catholic population of the parish is approximately 8000. There are 28 Small Christian Communities grouped into 7 zones.



St Blaise Church


Andheri (W),

Mumbai-400 058

Feast Day –


Getting There

Mass timings

Weekdays –
6:30 am (English)

7:15 am (English)

7:00 pm (English)

6:00 pm (Wednesday – Konkani)

Saturdays –
6:30 am (English)

7:15 am (English)

7:00 pm (English – Anticipated Mass)

Sundays –
6:00 am (English)

7:00 am (Konkani)

7:00 am (1st Sunday in Marathi)

8:00 am (English – Children’s Mass)

9:00 am (English)

10:00 am (English)

6:00 pm (English)


Hymn – The Galilee Song

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5 years ago

If u could pls mention the timings of the Holy Adoration of first Friday and Saturday… it wud be of grt help