St Anthony’s Church – Siolim 5

About St Anthony’s Church – Franciscan missionaries first built a church in Siolim in 1568, which lasted for 32 years. In 1600, the missionaries planned for a new and larger church in another location more central to the Christians of Siolim. The realization of this project seems in grave doubt due to lack of sufficient funds. At that time two Portuguese merchants were caught in a severe storm sailing from Portugal. They had with them a statue of St. Anthony, and vowed that if they made to port safely, they would build a church where they landed. It so happened that their ship entered the Chapora River and docked on the left bank near the village of Marna. It was here they met the Franciscan missionaries looking for funds. The rest is history. The new church was dedicated to St. Anthony

In the early part of this century, the ravages of time took its toll on the first church of Saint Anthony. Attempts to repair the wall and renovate the roof appeared futile. The whole structure was in danger of collapsing. The parishioners decided to build a new church on the same site. The foundation stone of the church we see today was laid in November 1902. The consecration of took place on December 28,1907.



St. Anthony’s Church


Goa-400 064

Feast Day – 1st Sunday after June 13

Getting There

Mass timings

Weekdays –
6:30 am (Konkani)

8:00 am (Konkani)

4:30 pm (Konkani – On Every Tuesdays)

4:30 pm (Konkani – On 1st Friday of the month)

Saturdays –
6:30 am (Konkani)

8:00 am (Konkani)

5:30 pm (Konkani)

7:00 pm (English)

Sundays –
6:30 am (Konkani)

8:00 am (Konkani)

9:15 am (Konkani – Children’s Mass)

Marna Chapel –
7:15 am (Konkani – Sunday)

Gaunsavaddo Chapel –
6:45 am (Konkani – Monday-Wednesday-Friday)

7:30 am (Konkani – Sunday)

Portavaddo Chapel –
8:30 am (Konkani – Sunday)


Hymn – Dedicated to St. Anthony

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** We plan to keep this site interactive and updated. Whilst we do post the regular mass timings. Please do drop us a line with Scans (If available) of masses during feasts and special occasions
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Joseph Sequeira
Joseph Sequeira
5 years ago

Beautiful church. However no email to use the church services for searching church documents like birth and marriage certificates. Please add email address.

Vilhas Gadekar
Vilhas Gadekar
6 years ago

Praise the lord, paster help me to get job

Thomas Alvares
Thomas Alvares
7 years ago

Kindly let me know when are the Novenas of St. Anthony, 2017 starting.
The daily mass timings.
The Sunday mass timings.
The Feast Day mass timings.
Would be obliged and grateful, if information is given soon.

thanking you.
Thomas Alvares.
Mapusa, Goa.

Mabel Fernandes
Mabel Fernandes
7 years ago

Hi the site is well laid out, the hymn did not play?

(Siolim Bammon Vaddo)