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About Our Lady of Fatima Church –Our Lady of Fatima Church is situated on a small hillock in the heart of Ambarnath town. This Church has been and is a source of blessing for thousands of people who flock to it to receive the blessings of the Lord through our lady of Fatima. The Miraculous Cross Chapel is a quiet place where believers and others come, sit and pray in quiet and return home with peace and joy.

The beautiful Adoration Chapel, where the Eucharist is exposed for personal as well as group prayer is another attraction where people regularly spend time with the Eucharistic Lord experiencing His presence. Come and experience this peace and tranquility as the Lord continues to invite one and all.



Our Lady of Fatima Church


Thane District-421505

Feast Day –


Getting There

Mass timings

Weekdays –
6:30 am (English)

6:00 pm (English)

5.00 pm (Konkani – Only on 1st Thursday Holy Half Hour followed by mass)

5:30 pm (English – Only on 1st Friday Holy Hour followed by mass)

Saturdays –
6:30 am (English)

6:00 pm (English – Sunday Liturgy)

Sundays –
6:30 am (English – Except 1st and 3rd Sunday)

6:30 am (Konkani – On 1st and 3rd Sunday)

7:45 am (English – Children’s mass)

6:00 pm (English – Parish Mass)

9:30 am (Telugu – On 2nd Sunday)

9:30 am (Marathi – On 3rd Sunday)

4:00 pm (Malayalam- On 3rd Sunday – Latin Rite)

@ Badlapur Church –
7:00 pm (English – Wednesdays and Fridays)

6:00 pm (English – Holy Hour on 1st Friday)

8:00 am (English – Sundays)

@ Ulhasnagar Church –
7:10 am (English – Wednesdays)

6:30 pm (English – Holy Hour & Mass on 1st Friday)

8:00 am (English – Sundays)


Hymn – Our Lady of Fatima

Disclaimer – All timings as per regular schedule, please feel free to update us incase of changes made for special days as per announcements. If required please email us on info@churchtimings.com
**We plan to keep this site interactive and updated. Whilst we do post the regular mass timings. Please do drop us a line with Scans (If available) of masses during feasts and special occasions
**Credits to Church websites/Original Media Uploaders/Parishioner’s Submissions, where applicable and we thank them for all the support in keeping the site updated.


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Blaze Dsouza
Blaze Dsouza
8 years ago

pls send me time table way of the cross in Ambernath