St Cajetan Church – Bastora 6

About St. Cajetan Church –This parish church with Saint Cajetan as patron, was dedicated to Our Lady of Hope (Nossa Senhora de Esperanca], initially erected as a chapel in 1752, and affiliated to the church at Ucassaim. Bastora’s chapel was consecrated a church on May 1, 1947.

This church, built in stone masonry, is in the Mannerist Neo-Roman style, which originated in Italy in the fifteenth century, with the vision of reviving the style of old Imperial Rome.



St Cajetan Church



Goa 403 507

Feast Day –


Getting There

Mass timings

Weekdays –
7:00 am (Konkani)

Saturdays –
7:00 am (Konkani)

6:00 pm (Konkani)

Sundays –
7:00 am (English)
8:30 am (Konkani)


Hymn – We Are Here to Praise You

Disclaimer – All timings as per regular schedule, please feel free to update us incase of changes made for special days as per announcements. If required please email us on 
** We plan to keep this site interactive and updated. Whilst we do post the regular mass timings. Please do drop us a line with Scans (If available) of masses during feasts and special occasions
**Credits to Church websites/Original Media Uploaders/Parishioner’s Submissions, where applicable and we thank them for all the support in keeping the site updated.

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Livia Menezes
Livia Menezes
4 years ago

Masses on Sunday are as follows
7am English
8.30 am konkani

Peter Noronha
Peter Noronha
5 years ago

It’s nice to have a website of our beloved beautiful village church.
Thank you Father & all that have worked with dedicated for this endeavour
Praise the Lord

7 years ago

Your web site reads ” Bastora’s chapel was consecrated a church on May 1, 1957.” The year 1957 is wrong. It should read 1947.
My father was the first person to be buried at Bastora cemetery in May 1947.

7 years ago

So very helpful! Thanks alot!