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About St. Andrew Church –St. Andrew’s Church is located on the northern border of the village in a scenic and picturesque part of the village. The Church square is bounded by six Crosses and a beautiful monument of Christ the King surrounded by modern lamps is in the square. The facade of the Church is architecturally in beautiful Mannerist Neo-Roman style with large size 4 bays into three storeys, facing to the east. The single bell tower has three bells in different sizes with harmonious charming peals. The finials: urn with flower bud style; four finials on the base of balustrades on top of the bell tower and flower bud style two finials on the base of balustrades on third storey these two finials give beauty and support to the gable that holds the Cross high above. The upper triangular portion (frontispiece) of the facade with Rococo curves has two pelicans holding the Chalice and the Host above, in the niche is an image of St. Andrew the apostle signified as the Patron of the Parish. One of the attractive points on the facade on the second storey above the main entrance is an outdoor pulpit, (years ago, this pulpit was used at the end of the procession of Saints and Good Friday services).

This is the only Church in Goa, which has an outdoor pulpit on the facade. Also on the second storey two oculus with Cross moulding flank, the two oculus and the door of the pulpit provide natural streams of sunlight into the interior of the Church creating luminous effect. The magnificent cornices and flattened pilasters give impressive look to the facade. The entrance has three doors with moulded flank and corniced arched frame.



St. Andrew Church

Goa 403108

Feast Day – November 30

Getting There

Mass timings

Weekdays –
7:00 am (Konkani)

Saturdays –
7:00 am (Konkani)

6:30 pm (Konkani – Sunday Liturgy)

Sundays –
6:00 am (Konkani)

7:15 am (Konkani)

8:30 am (Konkani)


Hymn – God Will Make A Way

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Joyce Rodrigues
Joyce Rodrigues
4 years ago

Dear Fr

As no announcement was made I would appreciate if you could kindly advise if there will be Saturday evening mass at 6.30 on 21 March

Thank you